247941_164046850324416_4860474_nThe purpose of Orlando Young Professionals (OYP) is to encourage and facilitate professional development through meaningful exchange of information and perspectives relative to the Greater Orlando economic region. OYP provides members with unparalleled opportunities to access community leaders and foster quality business and personal relationships.

OYP members are dedicated to promoting a brighter future for our community through individual and collective involvement in programs that enhance future opportunities and the quality of life of Central Florida.

OYP sponsors monthly speaker programs, social events and community service projects.




Membership Application Process

In order to keep the exclusivity of OYP, we require all potential members to be “sponsored” by two members of our executive board. The complete process is listed below:

1. Potential members attend an event as a guest.

2. Potential members then fill out an application form below.

3. You may be contacted by a board member to learn more about your personally and professionally to try to get a feel for you and your industry.

4. Your membership will be up for discussion and vote at the next executive board meeting, held the first Thursday of every month. At that time, the board will make a recommendation for approval, or denial, of membership.

5. Once approved, your membership dues are then due and your membership benefits begin immediately