vasuName: Vasu T. Persaud

Company: HDR Engineering Inc.

Job Title: Traffic Engineer

Hometown: Georgetown, Guyana

How long have you lived in Orlando? 10 years

Alma Mater: UCF Knights!!

Describe Your Job: I am a transportation improvement and optimization consultant. Essentially, I help provide consulting services to Federal, State and Municipal clients on all facets of transportation improvement projects. Some cool projects I have worked on are the Central Station development in downtown Orlando and a feasibility study to evaluate utility, jet fuel and high speed rail connectivity between Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral.


What excites you about OYP?

There are many things that are exciting about OYP – from the many diverse networking opportunities to the great causes/charities we work with. What excites me most about OYP is the opportunity for cross disciplinary networking with people who are generally at a similar stage of their career and life. For example, at a typical OYP event, I may meet accountants, lawyers, business owners, university students or someone who is job hunting; I’ve found that interacting with such a varied group allows me to more easily interact with people in my own field.


How can you help other young professionals in the area?

One of things I like to do is help connect people with the right person and/or the right opportunity. Whether it be introducing an employer to a potential employee or introducing a social media expert to a charity organization in need of an online presence, sometimes a win-win situation is just one introduction away.


Something unique about you most people don’t know?

I grew up on the beautiful island of Barbados. Barbados is very “English” so traditional English grammar schools, cricket, driving on the left, pubs and fish and chips were all part of that experience.


Contact Information

Phone: 407-420-4200


Twitter: #Imstillresistingthetemptation