Sharon Moore-Smith

Director of Social Media

I came to Orlando in 1998, where I attended middle school and high school. After graduating from Colonial High School in 2003, I decided to attend Valencia Community College. Upon receiving my AA in political science and government, I transferred to the University of Central Florida to study political science and pre-law, with the intent on becoming a lawyer. However, my goals changed after graduating in 2009.

While political science and law is interesting, I realized that it was not my passion. In 2011, after eighteen months of traveling and soul-searching, I made a radical decision – I decided to return to school and pursue a business degree. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Since returning to school, I have found my passion – social media marketing. A new frontier for marketing, social media allows companies to market to their target audience through two-way communication. No longer are companies stone cold buildings – they are now able to show their vision and goals in ways like never before.

The discovery of this passion has led to opportunities that I once thought were unavailable to me. As the social media marketing and sales specialist with Chatter Buzz Media, I learned a great deal about entrepreneurship and social media. This is how I met the Orlando Young Professionals.

As part of a new business, each member assisted in spreading the word of Chatter Buzz Media. In July 2012, I went to a networking event held by OYP in downtown Orlando. After talking with several members of the board, I joined the OYP and became their social media marketing manager.

The skills and experiences I have gathered from OYP and Chatter Buzz Media have led to my next two ventures. Being around entrepreneurs and young professionals inspired me to take my skills to the next level and open my own business. OMG! Let’s Connect! Is a joint venture with – where we will provide our customers with a personalized app and a unique social media marketing plan to help promote their business.

As I was pulling everything together for the business, an unexpected opportunity arose that was too incredible to pass up. In the fall 2012, I applied to be an intern with the SeaWorld marketing and PR team. After several rounds of interviews, I was chosen to be their intern for spring 2013. In addition to being an amazing opportunity, I will get to drive the Shamu car AND gain some amazing experience that I can invest back into my own business.

2013 is going to be an amazing year for the Orlando Young Professionals. I look forward to meeting all of you at our events.